Jae Ari was labeled 'the miracle child'. He was written off to die in infancy. Growing stronger with time, this child at age 13 showed his miraculous gift of rapping and killing audiences with natural born talent. Being told that his chance of survival was slim motivated him to new heights, now every breath he breathes is appreciated and every thought, translated into a rhyme.

Jae Ari could not be written off anymore, with his quiet demeanor, the silent assassin started slaying emcees on the televised Canadian show Much Music's RapCity garnering the rising star a wider audience. This opportunity lead to celebrity co-signs by American director/actor Michael Rapaport, Canadian icon and Legendary MC Michie Mee, and Shady Records DJ Young Mase. Earning his place in RapCity's hall of fame, has allowed him great success and countless interviews of adoring media. His lead single New Day is currently in rotation on Canada’s only urban commercial radio station G98.7FM. Leave Even Better his debut album was released January 2015. The artistic and musical integrity is the album’s calling. Leave Even Better is driven by the search for consciousness. The time is now.

In September 2015 Jae Ari won the award for Hip Hop Artist of the Year at the NMAs. In the fall of 2016, he earned a nomination from the Toronto Independent Music Awards and the Niagara Music Awards again, respectfully. His forthcoming project is entitled Things Could Be Worse, which is projected to be his strongest rap album release to date. The premise of this upcoming LP is rooted in gratitude; he is poised and ready to take Hip Hop to the next level, defy the odds and continue to be the ‘miracle kid’. The time is now.